Hairspray Salon was founded by Tara Smith and Brenda Pedersen and opened it doors in September of 2006. From the beginning Hairspray was a family-owned and-operated business. As some of you might remember Hairspray started out on Lora Drive in the bottom of a renovated barn next to the silo. Janet Helsley, owner of Gene’s Plumbing gave Tara and Brenda their opportunity to start Hairspray by leasing them 850 square feet to start their business. To start Hairspray consisted of one stylist, Tara Smith and the salon manager, Tara’s mother, Brenda Pedersen. That is where Tara and Brenda began building the Hairspray Salon business.

During those first 8 years at the barn, Hairspray worked hard to create a respectable name and large client base. However, as our team grew to 5, Hairspray realized it was time to expand. In 2014, the Hairspray team began to look for a suitable location that would meet their new needs. Early 2015, the team decided that they had found the perfect location at 1023 S. Main St in the Shenandoah Square Plaza in Woodstock Virginia. The space was 2,200 square feet and required a full renovation. So in March of 2015 the lease was executed and construction began! Over the next three months the Hairspray team, family, friends, including contractors put in the work to make sure the salon was ready to open on Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

Our new location is very inviting and upon entering you will be greeted by our front desk staff, a large retail area, and 8 stylists stations. We also have a large waiting room located in the middle of the salon which contains a beverage bar with complimentary tea and coffee. Located also in the waiting room is a kids area with a chalk board, coloring supplies and other items that are kid friendly so that moms can relax while the staff makes them beautiful. Our amazing staff offers waxings (neck up), makeup application or instruction on how to apply your own makeup. Last but not least of our features is the manicure station, nail polish/gel station and a shampoo room that embodies serenity.

After your reservation is complete do not forget to grab a mint and a business card to share with a friend.

Our new space is a dream come true and we hope each and every one of our clients enjoy our new space. Since moving into the new location our team has worked hard to provide our clients with superior service. Some of the following items sets us apart from other local businesses:

    • We have a fully integrated SalonBiz POS
      • Automatically sends text notifications or emails to our clients to remind them about their appointments
      • Keep digital records of all past services and product purchases to better serve our clients
      • Helped streamline our business and reduce paper related waste
    • Implemented a recycling program
      • We have reduced our waste production by 50% and we plan to continue to reduce our waste production
    • We have added multiple services that includes makeup, manicures, fashion colors and more!
    • Host quarterly continued education courses administered by Paul Mitchell Educators
    • Attend annual hair shows to learn latest industry hair and business techniques
    • Since 2012 we have we have doubled our staff
      • Job creation in our community
      • All of our staff live in the Shenandoah Valley

We want to thank the Shenandoah Valley for supporting Hairspray and we look forward to continuing to be a part of the community. If you have a local cause or non-profit please feel free to give us a call and speak with Brenda about a sponsorship or a donation.

Tara Smith has been a licensed stylist since 2005. As the head stylists she directs the stylists, salon’s creative vision and maintains the Hairspray standard. Brenda Pedersen has been involved in business startups since the 90’s. Brenda is responsible for the management of the finances, purchasing, retail in addition to other tasks at Hairspray Salon. Her door is always open so please stop in and say “Hi” (Even though the door is closed). Hans Pedersen joined the Hairspray team in 2012 and assists in business development and marketing.

We would like to thank everyone again for all of the hard work that went into creating our beautiful salon. Special thanks goes to Zack Payne from Zach Payne Construction, Suzanne & Kevin Clarke for creating our customized front desk, Bill Fritz for Electric services, Tracy Taff for Plumbing services, Fine Line for our window signs, Fast Signs for our channel letter sign and once again our family and friends!